The Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art invites you to the opening of the exhibition KOSTAS LOUSTAS NEW YORK on Friday 8 June 2018, at 20.00. The exhibition is organised in the context of the program “USA honored country of the 83rd Thessaloniki International Fair”, and is dedicated to the painter’s artistic activity during his residence in New York City in the period 1962-1972.

Duration: 8 June – 16 September 2018


154 Egnatia street (inside TIF-HELEXPO)

Open hours: Thursday 10.00 – 22.00, Friday 10.00 – 19.00, Saturday 10.00 – 18.00, Sunday 11.00 – 15.00


Curated by: Thouli Misirloglou, MMCA Director

Co-ordinator, Co-Curator: Katerina Syroglou, Art Historian – MMCA Curator


tel: 0030 2310 240002   Fax: 0030 2310 281567

  • Street scene, Broadway, New York 1964, oil on canvas, 82x76cm

Teloglion Foundation of Art


  • Pond in Central Park, New York 1964, oil on canvas, 32x48cm
What the critics said:


  • Greek artist Kostas Loustas has been having a love affair with Manhattan since he arrived in the United States… His passionate attachment to the city is apparent in every canvas he has done … Loustas uses bold strokes but soft colors in his New York paintings. He has successfully captured the heart of the city in “Childrens’ Zoo”, “Mailman”, “At Broadway” and “Children Around a Tree”.

Virginia Sheward, “Newsday” (New York, September 1964).

  • Mr Loustas has painted America’s bridges, buildings, streets and workers in such an astonishing way, that he has revealed the basic psyche of the world’s most complex city.

Saldinger, Director of Sadinger Gallery, press release (New York, September 1964).

  • The Walt Whitman of the brush…

Dr. Nathan Resnick, Director of the School of Arts of Long Island University, Radio Interview for “Voice of America”, (October 1964).

  • … Loustas presents fine lines blending with a geometric or Cubist influence, optical illusion, lucidity of style, suitable realism and post-Impressionism … works which glow with color and spirit… He is not an imitator … of any style. Mr Loustas is his own stylist by giving every instance its own need.

Susan A. Vlamis, “New York World Telegraph and Sun” (October 1964).

  • A highly rewarding one-man show … on display at the Galerie Internationale … 42 oils … executed in broad, self-confident strokes of subtle, integrating color.  Many, such as … a superb series “Olympias Halkidiki” are extremely exciting compositions both when viewed as abstract works and as representational, moody paintings. It’s a most enjoyable show.

Betsy Powell, “Park East” (New York, October 1972).

  • Purposeful restraint, in perfectly controlled strokes, offers the viewer the essence of mood, line and subject matter… There is no denying the force and power inherent in his figures. Take for example, “Vasilis and Xenofon, The Poets”… and “Vasilis on the Bamboo chair”.  Truly, these are works of a master painter.

Edward C. Califano, Director Galerie Internationale, press release (New York, November 1972).

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